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Mind Matters

Ana Isabel

Long before I realised it, I had an interest in Psychology and Mental Health. When I was in secondary school, I was the one friends turned to when in trouble. In my gap year, I did volunteer work for the Addiction Research Foundation in Toronto. Later I spent some challenging years working as a Teacher in inner London, and also as a special needs Teacher.

My interest in psychology and helping others led me to work as a Psychological Astrologer. This had long been an interest but I then made it my full time occupation. Working with clients, teaching, writing, giving lectures and broadcasting on the subject, I realised that something was missing. I love the way in which an Astrology chart so clearly pinpoints an individual's main problems. I value the way working with students and clients helps them to gain deep and significant insights into what drives them. For many, this is enough to inspire them to resolve deep issues and live fulfilling lives. For many something more is needed.

This is why I decided to train as a hypnotherapist. It is a source of great joy to watch my clients become more confident and develop the ability to use self-hypnosis to enhance their lives. In particular I am passionate about helping people understand the link between emotional/ mental health and physical health. I now want to share my experience as a Hypnotherapist with you.

This is how Mind Matters was born. In this series I interview experts in the field of Mental Health, from Hypnotherapists specialising in pain management to Past Life Therapists. Whether you are interested in the Mind Body Connection, or issues around Addiction; Mind Matters offers you tips, advice and a better understanding of how your mind works. I hope it inspires you to make the changes you need to ensure your health and well-being!


Part 1: Gervase Phinn
Topic: Mind Matters Part 1 Gervase Phinn
What makes a good Parent  or a good Teacher? How can we best support children so that they grow up confident and believing in themselves? Gervase Phinn is a teacher, school inspector, poet and bestselling author of the Dales series and Out of the Woods,  But Not Over The Hill.  In This Interview,  he joins us to help us gain a better understanding of children, and what they need in order to grow into confident, happy adults.
Part 2: Gervase Phinn
Topic: Mind Matters Part 2 Gervase Phinn
Mind Matters Part 2 Gervase Phinn

Part 3: Maggie Howell
Topic: Mind Matters Part 3 Maggie Howell
Does giving birth have to be painful? How can Hypnosis help make giving birth more comfortable and how does this benefit mother and baby? Natal Hypnotherapist, Maggie Howell helps women fight the culture of fear that surrounds birth. She’s helped over 100,000 women around the world to have a better birth. In this interview, she talks about the benefits of Hypnosis, the importance of the father's role and how a calm mother can mean a calm baby. 
Part 4: Maggie Howell
Topic: Mind Matters Part 4 Maggie Howell
Mind Matters Part 4 Maggie Howell