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Cas Lake

Welcome to the show, ‘The Unexplained.’  Which covers topics from UFO’s, aliens to unicorns and much more. Experts and writers from around the world will be giving you their expert opinion on their specialist subjects.

I am Interested in the unexplained, psychic abilities and spirits since childhood, I have continually sought information, and been developing my abilities.
Let me tell you a bit about me, I’m a clairvoyant/ clairsentient medium, tarot and angel card reader, I’m a Reiki master and also practise Sekhem.
In my spare time I do fiction writing and poetry. I’m a former book reviewer, and have had poems published, I’ve studied Freelance Journalism, Public Relations and Screenwriting.
I hope that together we can find some answers on the topic, ‘The Unexplained.’

What topics of the Unexplained would you like to hear about? Do you have a true life story that’s linked to the Unexplained? Any questions for an expert? Which experts do you think should be on this show?

I look forward to hearing your views, mail me at-  Please write ‘The Unexplained’ in the email header.

The Shropshire Star did a piece on me and Line Walker (Right Click, View Image)

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the show,
Cas x


Part 1: Robert Davis
Topic: Unexplained Part 1 Robert Davis

Author Robert Davis, Ph.D is an internationally recognized scientist in his field and has served as a professor at the State University of New York.  Robert graduated with a B.A. and M.A. from the City University of New York and with a Ph.D in Hearing Science and Audiology from The Ohio State University. He’s published over 40 articles in scholarly journals and several book chapters and lectured on topics at national and international conferences.

Robert’s research and investigation into the UFO phenomenon convinced him that the phenomenon remains unresolved and is a source of considerable debate. His book, The UFO Phenomenon provides fascinating evidence, perspectives, and detailed analysis. Thi book covers some pilot and astronaut UFO experiences, strange encounters with UFOs, alien abductions, official government and military declassified UFO documents, and future directions and research needed to better understand the phenomenon.

Part 2: Robert Davis
Topic: Unexplained Part 2 Robert Davis
Unexplained Part 2 Robert Davis
Part 3: Robert Davis
Topic: Unexplained Part 3 Robert Davis
Unexplained Part 3 Robert Davis
Part 4: Robert Davis
Topic: Unexplained Part 4 Robert Davis
Unexplained Part 4 Robert Davis