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Ana Isabel

I love Astrology. It has been my passion and vocation for the past twenty years. It has provided me with insight into myself and others. It has helped me improve my relationships and been a beacon to guide me through difficult times. When working with students and clients, I am constantly in awe of the way in which lives can be transformed through Astrology.Since ancient times, we have looked to the heavens with wonder. Over the centuries, we have learned that what’s above is a cosmic mirror, reflecting what is in our hearts and in our lives. Just as mariners looked to the stars to guide them on their journeys, we can look into the Cosmic Mirror to find Lightways; knowing that the planets’ alignments can guide us to better understand the purpose of our lives.

Astrology works at many levels of awareness and appeals to the need to understand ourselves within the unfolding universe.

Through it, you can discover more about yourself and others. Relationships, ambitions, inner drives and future trends all become clearer.

Little wonder that I feel so passionate and want to share it with you.

Through Lightways, I will help you to develop your understanding of Astrology. Whether you are new to this wonderous art, or an Astrologer yourself, the shows will give you greater insight.

The people who I interview about their charts will help you to see charts come alive. Experts will share their experience of different facets of Astrology with you. For those of you who are new to Astrology, there is a section dedicated to developing your understanding of the 12 signs of the Zodiac, with each programme looking at the symbolism behind the sign. Different people will share their experiences of their signs with you.

There will also be a part of the show dedicated to your questions. If you have a question about your chart, Astrology or your present circumstances, do please contact me.

This is your chance to participate. Join in with my facebook page as well

Ana Isabel is an Astrologer with over ten years experience of producing charts and delivering teaching programs on the subject.  She is influenced by Jungian fields of psychology and combines this with Astrology to provide a learning and healing experience for those seeking guidance. For more information email or visit her website


Part 1: Ellie Thompson
Topic: Lightways Part 1 Ellie Thompson
What's it like to be born a Psychic? What if we don't want to receive the information we're receiving? Can we switch it off? And what are the indicators in a chart that show potential Psychic Ability? These are some of the questions that I discuss with Psychic, Ellie Thompson as we look at her chart and discuss her book, Diary of A Reluctant Psychic.
Part 2: Ellie Thompson
Topic: Lightways Part 2 Ellie Thompson
Lightways Part 2 Ellie Thompson
Part 3: Mary English
Topic: Lightways Part 3 Mary English
Mary English is writing about each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac. In this interview we ask, what do Sagittarians believe in and can they be reliable, as we talk about her book How To Believe In A Sagittarius.
Part 4: Renna Shesso
Topic: Lightways Part 4 Renna Shesso
How did the Zodiac come to be? Can we see any planets with the naked eye? These are some of the questions that I discuss with Shamanic practitioner and Wicca Priestess, Renna Shesso.