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Welcome to the Archive. Note that this is in alphabetical order, however you can use the search facility below to find particular interviews. This has only just been created so check back every day as we will be adding new shows regularly.

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Ana Isabel

(Mind Matters)

Cas Lake

(Unexplained Show)


(My Spirit Music)

Cas Lake

(Mystical Worlds)

Alexandra Wenman

(Prediction Show)


(Enlightened World)

Ana Isabel

(Lightways )


(Twisted Willow Show)

Kim Arnold

(Psychic Cafe Coffee Break)


Adam Fronteras (Dream Analyst)

Adam Smith (Writer)

Adrian Callabries (Healer)

Adrian Gilbert (Ancient Mysteries)

Adrian Spinks (Nutritional Therapist)

Akbar Malik (Yoga)

Al Anon (Alcohol Abuse Charity)

Al Link (Tantra )

Alan Alford (Author)

Alastair Williams (Author)

Alex Trenoweth (Author)

Alexandra Wenman (Writer )

Alice Grist (Author)

Alicen Geddes-Ward (Fairies)

Alison Chester-Lambert (Astrologer)

Alison Pothier (Life Coach)

Alison Roberts (Medium)

Allan Hunter

Altazar Rossiter (Psychologist)

Amanda Goldston (Life Coach)

Amanda Hart (Psychic)

Amanda Stafford (Dolphins)

Ambikananda (Yoga)

Amel Tafsout (Belly Dancer)

Amy Biddle (Healer)

Ana Isabel (Astrologer)

Andrea Foulkes (Past Life Expert)

Andrea Wansbury (physiotherapist)

Andrew Cohen (Spiritual Teacher)

Andrew Collins (Author)

Andrew Feder (Author)

Andrew Paquette (Dreams)

Andy Tomlinson (Past Life Regression)

Angela Donovan (Psychic)

Angela McGerr (Energy Healer)

Angela Wooi (Belly Dancer)

Anita Ryan (Writer)

Ann Gillanders (Reflexology)

Ann Hall (Belly Dancer)

Ann West (Therapist)

Anna Franklin (Faries)

Anna Galliers (Psychic)

Anna Leon (Dancer)

Anna Maravelos (Life Coach)

Annabelle Apsion (Actress)

Annamaria Hemmingway (Author)

Anne Baring (Writer)

Anne Jirsch (Psychic)

Anne Parker (Author)

Anne Scholes (Medium)

Anneke Wills (actress, author)

Anni Watson (Crystal Healer)

Annie Day (Heaven Scent Bliss)

Anthea Turner (Presenter)

Anthony Adams (Frank Sinatra Tribute Artist)

Anthony Louis (Author)

Anthony Worrall Thompson (Chef)

Anton Simmha (Yoga Instructor)

Anya Watkins (Healer)

Ariel Kane (Life Coach)

Ariellah Aflalo (Belly dancer)

Armand (Musician)

Asha Praver (Yoga)

Aware Yoga (Yoga)

Aziza (Belly Dancer)


Barbara Cartland (Author)

Barbara Donne (Tai Chi)

Barbara Ford-Hammond (Author)

Barbara Marx Hubbard (Futurist)

Barbara Meiklejohn-Free (Highland Seer)

Barbara Venn Lever (Tarot)

Barbara Wren (Nutritionalist)

Barbel Mohr (Author)

Barrie John (Medium)

Barry Cottrell (Shaman)

Barry Strohm

Beata Cifuentes (Dancer)

Beata Van-Berkom (Crop Circles)

Becky Walsh (Intuitive)

Ben Bamber

Ben Miller (Actor)

Ben Renshaw (Author)

Bernadette Bohan (Author)

Bernadette Vallely (Tantra)

Bill Oddie (Actor)

Birgit Semundseth (Law of Attraction)

Blue Marsden (Author)

Bob Doyle (Life Coach)

Bob Makransky (Author)

Bobby Marchesso (Medium)

Brandon Bays (Spiritual Teacher)

Brenda Davies (Psychiatrist)

Brian Allan (Author)

Brian Alman (Psychologist)

Brian Stevenson (Tarot)

Bridie Przibram (Gothic Belly Dance)

Bronwen Stiene (Reiki)

Bruce Goldberg (Regression)

Bryan Vaughan (Author)

Buz Macguire (Celebrity)


Cameron McCool (Author)

Camille Coduri (Actor)

Candace Pert (Author)

Carla Lane (Scriptwritriter)

Carol Barksfield (S.A.D)

Carol Noonan (Scryer)

Carole J. Obley (Medium)

Caroline Latham (Healer)

Caroline McColl (Beauty Therapist)

Caroline Rolling (EFT)

Caroline Sutherland (Medical Intuitive)

Carolyn Bowyer (Writer)

Carolyn Cowan (Kundalini)

Carolyn Mathews (Author)

Cas Lake (Reiki Master)

Cassandra Eason (Author)

Cat Treadwell (Author)

Cate Mackenzie (Life Coach)

Celia Jennings (Author)

Charlie Morley (Author)

Charmain Redwood (spiritual teacher )

Chavah Aima (Minister)

Cherie Seed (Essences)

Cheryl Baker (Singer)

Chris Chambers (Fitness Manager)

Chris Connelly (Medium)

Chris Newton (Writer)

Chris Parish (Enlighten Next)

Chris Philpott (Author)

Chrissie Blaze (Author)

Chrissy Holmes (Holistic Healer & Teacher)

Christian Kyriacou (Architect)

Christina Lunden (Angel Expert)

Christina Oakley-Harrington (Historian)

Christina Rose (Christina Rose)

Christine Comaford (Author)

Christine Horner (Nutritional Therapist)

Christine Page (Spiritual Teacher)

Christine Pexton (Reflexologist)

Christopher Gilmore (Teacher)

Christopher Penczak (Witch)

Christos Katsis (Aromatherapist)

Chryssie Rhyman (Reiki)

Chuck Spezzano (Author)

Cissi Williams

Claire Missingham (Yoga)

Clare Harvey (Flower Remedies)

Claudia Thompson (Astrologer)

Colette Brown (Author)

Colin Beckley (Meditation Trainer)

Colin Bower (Actor)

Colin Stanley (Author)

Colleen Deatsman (Healer)

Cordelia Brabbs (Goddess Worship)

Craig Russel (Messenger for the Divine)

Crighton Miller (Astro-Archeaologist)

Cristina Weiland (Feng Shui)

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