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What is MySpiritRadio?

MySpiritRadio is an exciting web, internet, podcast, FM and mobile phone global broadcast network for all those interested in teaching and learning in the fields of body, mind, spirit and self-development. Listeners can go online on their pcs, WiFi Radio, via mobile phone , iPad, TV, and Tivo  listen live or download their favourite shows to listen whilst driving, working, or relaxing. In 2011 25% of TV being sold have the facility to receive MySpiritRadio by 2015 the majority of TV being sold will be able to receive MySpiritRadio. In the US MySpiritRadio is available as a radio option on some vehicle entertainment systems including Ford.  Smart phones such as Apple iPhone, Blackberry and Android receive MySpiritRadio and this accounts for around 10% of our internet listenership and you can be part of that revolution.

Record Figures

We now have over 26,000 regular monthly listeners, 26% of our Internet listeners switch us on to listen to us at least once a day

Although a UK based station with 80%$  of our listeners being in the US/UK  our  radio streams in June 2011 alone were listened to in the following countries Argentina, Austria, Australia, Bolivia , Brazil, Canada, Cypress, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece,  India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Macedonia, Mexico,  Netherlands, Paraguay, Portugal,  Puerto Rico Romania, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain Sweden, Switzerland, Syria , Ukraine, as well as the USA & UK with My Spirit  Radio you have a truly global audience ideal for going a mail order business or increasing your global brand awareness

What we can do for you?

MySpiritRadio offers a cost-effective advertising campaign to reach your target listener group. There is no other site like this offering a radio facility to an audience focused primarily on spirituality and well-being. It is a unique opportunity to showcase your product to your target community. The three main packages below can be tailored to suit your needs. Contact us now. Our extensive archive which is added to on a daily message means that your adverts can be played out over the long term 

(sources Google/Live365 June 2011)

Advertising Packages

Earth Package

This includes 2 x 30 second audio adverts placed in a show of our choice plus a small box advert on the website either a 200pixel x 50px (banner) or 100x100px (skyscraper) advert in the bottom 2/3rds of one of the show pages. £100 pcm, Additional audio adverts £100 block of 4 spots 3 month discount 10% 6 month Discount 20% 35% reduction for 12 Month commitment Contact us now or Purchase now

£76.37 (inc VAT)  Online payment option

Moon Package

This includes 2 x 60 second audio adverts (one of which will be placed in a show of your choice) plus a 200px x 100px (banner) or 100px x 200px (skyscraper) ad on the website in the top 1/3rd of the show page of your choice. You can opt for 4 x 30 second adverts if preferred. £300 pcm, Additional Audio Adverts £200 block of 4 spots 3 month discount 10% 6 month Discount 20% 35% reduction for 12 Month commitment Contact us now

Star Package

Sponsor a one-hour show, recorded and broadcast every month and available for the whole month online 24 hours a day. Your company's name will be advertised at each break bump within the show. That's 8 times a day at least 4 times a week in the live player. You will get a 200x50px banner advert on the home page and a 200x100 on the show page as well. In addition you will get one 1 minute advert played at least once a day on days that you show is not broadcast. £800 pcm Additional Audio adverts £200 per block of 4 3 month Discount 10% 6 month Discount 20% 50% reduction for 12 month commitment. Contact us now

Competition Sponsorship

By offering competition prize draws, from books to spa retreats, we will create a tailor-made advertising and competition feature that promotes your name. We also have an archive section, event calendar and forum. If you are interested in sponsoring one of these areas please do let us know.

(sources Google/Live365 June 2011)